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Just Be Friends by moyan

For the comment/critique contest, december 2012:

First sorry if I can't express everthing right what I want to say but english isn't my native language.
But now let's start :D You did a great job drawing her hands simply drawing hands is difficult but in such a pose holding the guitar even more but you made it so that it looks real. That you've drawn the left hand a little bit blurry because it moves is great. I've something to say about the arm, it looks like the arm on the right is a little bit off, the left line should go off slightly more in the right ---> direction. Also the the line of the left wrist should go off a little bit smoother. The guitar is very, very good. First the light effect and the shadow of the arm are at the exactly right place also the form of the guitar looks perfect and real.
Now something to her face ;) Her smile looks amazing. It doesn't look like it was drawn it looks... real! The hair looks great because you also drew some individual hairs and didn't only drew it in lanes (is this the right word?). Another point you could improve is the left upper arm I see why you drew it darker, it's because of the shadow but I think you should've connected the different shades better because they look slightly to seperated.

As you see I don't really have to say much negative things about this drawing :) You did a great job and it looks real and it gives me... a happy feeling :> I just realized I was smiling the whole time looking at your drawing and writing the critique :). You're great artist and I had fun writing this critique. I hope you will continue drawing for a long time and also continue putting a smile on my face.
Thank you for your drawings and the happiness you gave me :)
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